Water Runoff from Crop Field

The Runoff Conundrum

Colorado Foundation for Water Education’s Your Water Colorado Blog – April 27, 2017 By Lynne Winter When a summer storm crosses the eastern plains, drowning farmlands in a deluge, more than water ends up flowing into Colorado’s rivers, lakes and streams. On April 13, 2017, the Colorado Foundation for Water Education was joined by TroyRead More

Larry Hoozee, Todd Wickstrom, Margo Mesch, Angela Woerner and Stephen Smith. Board and management of the Morgan Conservation District. (Jon A. Yamamoto / Fort Morgan Times)

Impacts of agriculture on water quality addressed

Morgan Conservation District addresses a number of issues within the county FORT MORGAN TIMES – 2/13/2017 By Jon A. Yamamoto, Times Staff Writer About 33 people showed up for the Morgan County Conservation District’s 62nd annual meeting held last Thursday, at the Home Plate Restaurant in Fort Morgan. Much of the discussion was centered onRead More

Photo of Drinking Water from Tap

How are nitrates ending up in drinking water supplies?

Contaminated drinking water isn’t just a problem for Flint, Michigan. Many towns and cities across the Midwest and Great Plains face pollution seeping into their water supplies. A big part of the problem: farming and ranching. Farmers spread nitrogen- and phosphorous-based fertilizers on their fields to help their crops grow. Excess nutrients, though, can leachRead More